RPC Youth at Wave Hill November, 2015

“What do I believe?”

It’s a tough question for anyone to answer—yet, on a beautiful November morning at Wave Hill, RPC’s High School youth did just that. We gathered in a well-lit room that overlooked a lovely display of fall foliage and an incredible view of the Hudson. Inside the Wave Hill House, we discussed the two questions that often shape a person’s faith:
“What do I believe?”
“What don’t I believe?”
Though such questions (especially in a group as diverse as ours) could’ve potentially resulted in volatile screaming matches, our youth explored the topic with nothing but introspection and kindness towards one another. Our conversations ranged from, “Did people really live to be 900 years old back then?” to, “I don’t believe God would cause suffering without a purpose.” Though a time for fellowship hadn’t been on the agenda, we experienced it regardless by listening to each other and understanding exactly where each of us are on our journeys of faith. We concluded with a consensus on how important it is to not remain static, and to question everything that comes our way, in order to cultivate whatever we need to be comfortable as young people of faith.
I invite the congregation to reflect on these questions as well, and wholly encourage more conversations like this. Once our youth voiced aloud the things they agreed and disagreed on, it became easier to see the common threads we shared in our beliefs and experiences. At such a time like this, finding solidarity and commonalties with each other is more important than ever.
Peace to all,
Frances Thom