Church School

We offer an excellent program of classes divided into the following groups: preK-1st grade; 2nd-3rd grades; 4th-5th grades; and 6th-8th grades. There is a youth group for students in grades 9 through 12. The K-3rd grade group remains in the service until the children’s message, and are then brought up to Sunday School. 4th grade through youth group meet for Sunday School from 9:30 to 10:25. At 9:30 there is also an adult Christian Education class being organized by the Women’s Group.

Children of any age are welcome to stay with their parents in the sanctuary. Parents with restless children may come and go as they need. For children who wish to remain quietly in the sanctuary, there are colorful activity bags with crayons and paper in the front pew year the door leading to the church school classrooms.


The church school performs a Christmas Pageant every year. All children who wish to participate are given a role, with the 3rd graders acting the lead roles of Mary, the Archangel Gabriel, and Joseph.  Other children play shepherds, angels, and stable animals, or they may have a part reading scripture passages.


Childcare is available from 9am through the end of the worship service each week so that parents may participate in choir rehearsals and Sunday morning small groups. For children too young for the preschool classroom lessons, our newly renovated nursery contains age-appropriate toys and books and children-size restroom facilities. Parents are welcome to stay in the nursery with their little ones, or if the children are willing, they may remain with our experienced caregivers.


The goals of our church school program are to help our children:

  • Develop their own understanding of God and know God’s presence in their lives
  • Feel a part of the church community
  • Learn to participate meaningfully in worship and
  • Learn key stories and values of the Bible.

For Parents: At Home Leaflet #1: The Whole People of God, Unit 1: September 3 – October 8, 2017
Registration Form for the 2016-2017 school year.


Students in grades 9 – 12 meet 9:30-10:25am.  The youth group is defined by the need to explore something higher than ourselves. We meet weekly to discuss life, faith, and all the crazy and comical things that happen in our daily lives.

Throughout the year, there are opportunities to:

  • Join with friends for fun and fellowship such as apple picking or bowling,
  • Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity,
  • Serve the homeless of New York City on a Midnight Run,
  • Participate in intergenerational mission trips, including fundraising (In past years, youth have helped rebuild homes in post-Katrina New Orleans and rural Appalachia, as well as served in a local Washington DC and Philadelphia neighborhoods.)


Children in 4th grade and up are invited to participate in the youth choir, which includes youth through senior high. The youth choir sings in worship twice each month and on Christmas Eve. Eva Carrasquero is the youth choir director.